Remote Activation Controller

remote activation controllerREMOTE ACTIVATION CONTROLLER
Price: 1,500
Encumbrance: 0
Rarity: 7
Description: Allows the user to remotely activate the coupled vehicle or starship. Able to transmit through hyperspace up to a parsec and instruct the ship’s autopilot to fly to the user’s location, (though this can be easily complicated by poor weather conditions and other obstacles).

Can be used to remotely pilot a coupled vehicle or starship (requires a Daunting [4 Difficulty] Pilot Check).

“Whistler” Encryption Module

Encumbrance: 3
Rarity: 6
Description: Encodes messages sent over commlink or via subspace. Much larger and more sophisticated than a Comm Scrambler. Without the decryption key, attempts to decode the message are Formidable (5 difficulty dice) and require the use of sophisticated equipment, such as a ship’s mainframe or a Class One droid.