26 thoughts on “Environmental Set Pieces”

      1. Yep saw that, I should have be more precise about which one i was talking about sorry;)
        ( So i wast talking about the original one, thank’s nonetheless for the smaller version 😉 )


  1. Hey bud, this is fantastic work. I would love to use these environmental factors in my campaign. Can you provide be with a viable link? It says both of these are dead.


    1. Hi there! Everything I’ve heard about this guide sounds great and I’d love to get a look, but the file appears to be missing from both links (the original and the redux) for me too.


      1. So, the old version that was posted here is no longer available and the link to the original content is also gone (which I have no control over, since it was not mine to begin with) BUT I have begun remaking it to look better than the old version. Should have it done soon, until then I posted a few pages that are completed…


    1. I forgot to mention, the module should be loaded to the modules folder of the Fantasy Grounds directory. It is usually located at: C:\Users\[Your Computer Profile Name]\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds\modules


  2. I love the new version of it. It looks like an official supplement.
    However, it does appear that something got lost in the translation. The “Hover-Train Car” interior and exterior sections no longer exist. Is it possible to have these added back in?


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